(v) Soup-e-Jo                                       £3.00
        Traditional Persian style soup made with whole barley, fresh herbs and vegetables.

(v) Mixed Olives                                  £2.00                                   

(v) Nan                                                 £2.00 
      Thin flat bread baked to order (Newcastle branch only)
      Middle eastern bread basket served in Jesmond branch

(v) Hummus                                          £2.50
       Home made Hummus, boiled chick peas,sesame seed puree, olive oil, 
      fresh garlic and lemon

      (v) Borani Bademjan                            £2.50
                  Natural yogut dip with flame grilled aubergine and wild garlic shallots

    Chicken Olovieh                             £3.00
     Chicken, boiled potato, egg, gherkin, garden peas and mayo.

          Koofteh                                            £3.95
                  Lamb Meat balls in a tomato sauce

(v) Dolmeh                                           £2.50
      Stuffed vine leaves.

(v) Mirza ghasemi                               £3.50
     Flame grilled Aubergine, onions, garlic, eggs and tomato.

(v) Kashk-e bademjan                         £3.50
     Fried onions, aubergine, gresh garlic, kashk (creamy buttermilk)
      and mint

(v) Sini Mazeh                                     £9.95
       Hummus, Mirza ghasemi, Dolmeh and mixed olives plus naan

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